Best 2 X8 Custom Kernel

nAa Kernel

  1. Feature:
  • Based on stock 2.6.29 SE sources
  • Upgraded to Linux kernel version:
  • Ported various components from 2.6.35 / 38
  • Significantly fast booting time (~25 secs from power button to lockscreen)
  • CWM recovery in kernel
  • Netfilter support / AP support / Usb tethering
  • Swap support
  • Tun/Tap
  • Mddi fix
  • Ext3/4 support
  • Modules auto-copying at boot
  • Dual touch options:
    - Fake dual touch in kernel (thanks to andrej456) (default)
    - Modular fake dual touch in kernel (thanks to doixanh)
    - Modular no dual touch
  • Many CPU freq governors to chooce from: interactive, interactivex, minmax, smartass, smartass2, scary and savagedzen
  • Modular Undervolt
  • NOOP ioscheduler
  • Ramzswap for compcache
  • Offline charging embedded in the kernel
  • Stable and fast oveclocked frequencies (not enabled by default)
  • Frequency table: 19MHz - 864MHz
  • Default CPU governor: interactive
  • Two way call recording (might be against the law for some countries, you are responsible for using this feature)
  • Interface Stat support for ICS
  • Memory management and binder improvements from gb kernel
  • Many, many feature and stability patches from various kernel sources
  • For wifi to work, the ROM MUST have Wifi built from sources as in CM. If this is not the case, the Wifi WONT work, DON'T compain here about that.
    [Jika ingin wifi bekerja, ROM harus mempunyai code wifi sperti di CM]
  • For vibration, the ROMs need to use the gb implementation.
  • Unlocked bootloader
  • MiniCM7 or any recent gingerbread, source-based ROM
  • Flashtool
Download: Click

Installing -> See this


 ALFS Kernel
  1. Feature:
-All fxp team addons:
  • -X8Gesture / AX8MT
  • -smartass / smartass2 governor
  • -netfilter / iptables
  • -swap
  • -MDDI fix
  • -ext 2/3/4
-vr IO scheduler is default
-working smartass and smartass2 govenor
-Overclock by Zefie, thunderc_kernel_xionia
-OOM grouping fix and minfree values. minfree= 1536,2048,6912,7168,8192,9472 Credits:zeppelinrox
-Working netfilter/droidwall
-Chargemon support
-(fps cap)
-working cypress driver in ICS and gingerbread
-an "ICS" version with new graphics driver.Read changelog 3-2-2012 for more info.
-rom-update .zip with:
  • Fixes to vold: mounting sdcard to pc and ext* mount fix
  • Fixes to compcache
  • Fixes to chargemon
  • Unlocked bootloader
  • Flashtool 
Download: Click
see attachment below and more information READ
[liat attachment dibawah thread untuk ]
Installing -> See this


NB: For ALFS kernel after you installing it, you should flash for ROM to work properly

untuk pengunjung indonesia, informasi lebih lengkap nanti :P

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